Eddie Cornelius has achieved much success in his 30 + years in music. He is well known as one of the lead singers for the 70's group "Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose." He sang and wrote their most notable hits " Too late to turn back now" and "Treat her like a lady" Both made it to number 2 on the US and UK billboard charts. After experiencing a brief period of fame and fortune, the group dissolved and the siblings each ventured into their own solo careers. Although the members of the group had moved on, the songs that made them famous were still being played around the world. This allowed Eddie the opportunity to continue in his music career by performing those songs at different venues across the country. For years Eddie found enjoyment doing what he knew he was born to do, but yet he knew that their was still something major missing on the inside. After years of performing on stage, Eddie began to really pursue God and do some serious soul searching. That soul searching gave him the will and desire to give his life completely over to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was shortly after that time that Eddie accepted his call to become a Pastor. Finally,Eddie was able to feel God's peace and fulfillment in his life. In 1995, Eddie started a church in South Florida called the "Blood of the Lamb ministries and for a season, the Lord was able to use Eddie and his wife mightily to bless the souls of that community. Eddie and his wife have since then relocated to the Metro Atlanta area where Eddie hopes to share his testimony and use his gift of music to save the lost and edify the saints. If you are interested in booking Eddie to speak or sing at your next church event, please call (954) 292-0736 or send a request to eddielcornelius@yahoo.com